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 May 6, 2018

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 Tennessee USBC Youth
 Southaven, MS
 Jun 9-10, 2018 - Entries Close May 12
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 2018 USBC State Jamboree
 Tennessee USBC
 Jackson, TN
 Jul 27-28, 2018
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 2018 USBC Senior Championship
 Tennessee USBC Senior
 Smyrna, TN
 Aug 11-12, 18-19, 2018
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 Tenn Pin Alley - Columbia, TN
 Apr 20-22, 27-29, May 11-12 -- Entries Close 3/25
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 Doubles C, 200-259, Handicapped
 Maverick McCary / Preston Szostek
    Chattanooga Area USBC
 Doubles D, 199 & Under, Handicapped
 Javiel DelValle / Elliott Poor
    Clarksville / Fort Campbell USBC
 Singles, Girls, 180 & Up, Scratch
 Shelby Cole - Chattanooga Area USBC
 Singles, Girls A, 150-179, Hndcapped
 Lynsey Jackson - TullahomaArea USBC
 Singles, Girls B, 120-149, Hndcapped
 Madison Hudgens - 
 Singles, Girls C, 99-119, Handicapped
 Trysta Sanford - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC
 Doubles A, 320 & Over Handicapped
 James Doyle / Keegan Stockton
    Clarksvill / Fort Campbell USBC
 Doubles B, 260-319, Handicapped
 Clay Kirkland / Riley Martin
    Memphis Area USBC
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Tennessee USBC News

Natily Haro wins GYBT Tournament

by Lou Giacobbi on 04/02/18

Congrats to Natily Haro winning the GYBT Tournament at Fort Benning, GA on Sunday, April 1 for the U20 Girls division.  Jenna Hedgepath was 3rd in U15 Girls

Tennessee USBC Open Championship - Prize List

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

How did you do at the Open Championships?  The Prize List for the Tennessee USBC Open has been released.

Tennessee USBC Board Application

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

The deadline for submitting an application for the Tennessee USBC Board was incorrect and applications will still be accepted until April 21.  Check the application document for open positions and consider joining the Board and help support bowling in Tennessee

Tennessee Road To The Gold Camps

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

Tennessee Road To The Gold Organizers are holding three summer camps prior to the 2018 Junior Gold Tournament in Dallas.  Choose a camp and refine your game before heading out to the biggest youth tournament in the country

Jenna Hedgepath finishes 5th at Storm Youth Championships

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

Jenna Hedgepath finished 5th in U15 Girls against very difficult competition at the Storm Youth Championships in Reno, NV.  Congrats and great bowling, Jenna

Bowler Profiles

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

Bowlers and parents, college coaches are always looking for information on bowlers to recruit.  Set up a bowler profile on our website for college coaches to view.  Things we would need.

-Photo and video of you bowling
-Bowling achievements
-Academic achievements

Fill out a profile form and let us setup a college profile to help find a place to bowl in college

Michael McClain Signs With Martin Methodist

Final Unofficial Women's Championship Results

by Lou Giacobbi on 03/31/18

Congrats to all the great performances in the Tennessee USBC Women's Championships.  The top results are posted on the main tnbowling page and on the women's page with links to the full results on both.

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 Singles, Girls D, 89 & Under, Hndcppd
 Khaitlyn Davis - Memphis Area USBC

 Singles, Boys, 190 & Up, Scratch
 Ross Jenner - Memphis Area USBC
 Singles, Boys A, 160-189, Hndcapped
 Christopher Baker - Obion County USBC
 Alex Roberson - Memphis Area USBC
 Singles, Boys B, 130-159, Hndcapped
 Troy DeForest - Oak Ridge USBC
 Singles, Boys C, 100-129, Hndcapped
 Clay Kirkland - Memphis Area USBC
 Singles, Boys D, 99 & Under, Hndcppd
 Brayden Cole - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC





USA Bowling Youth Regional - Vestavia, AL
Are you interested in
becoming a Tennessee
State USBC
Board Member? 

Submit your application below. 

New deadline is April 21, 2018.
Election is on May 5, 2018
 Team, A Division, Handicapped
    Nick Agnew, Bradley Emerson,
    Dalton Karstens, Megan Metz

 Team, B Division, Handicapped
    Cameron Compton, Gage Turner,
    Maverick McCary, Preston Szostek

 Team, C Division, Handicapped
 SHOOT EM STRAIGHT - Chattanooga
    Noah Fleming, Samuel Hall,
    Trent McCary, Kyle Wade
 Team, D Division, Handicapped
 BOWLDOZER - Cookeville USBC
    David Blackwell, Austin Thomas,
    Joshua Tinkel, Dylan Woodall


 All Events Scratch, Girls 180 & Over
 Shelbie Garrison - 
 All Events Scratch, Girls 89 & Under
 Shelby Keller - Cookeville USBC
 All Events Scratch, Girls 90-119
 Caitlyn Keller - Cookeville USBC
 All Events Scratch, Girls 150-179
 Shiloh Agan - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC
 All Events Scratch, Girls 120-149
 Kairi Nelson - Oak Ridge USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Girls 150-179
 Allie Foropoulos - Chattanooga USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Girls 90-119
 Caitlyn Keller - Cookeville USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Girls 89 & Under
 Khaitlyn Davis - Memphis Area USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Girls 120-149
 Madison Hudgens -





 All Events Scratch, Boys 190 & Over
 Donte Little - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC
 All Events Scratch, Boys 160-189
 Dalton Karstens - Nashville USBC
 All Events Scratch, Boys 130-159
 Bradley Emerson - Nashville USBC
 All Events Scratch, Boys 100-129
 Maverick McCary - Chattanooga USBC
 All Events Scratch, Boys 99 & Under
 Aaden Stoermer - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC









 All Events Hdcp, Boys 160-189
 Dalton Karstens - Nashville USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Boys 130-159
 Bradley Emerson - Nashville USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Boys 100-129
 Jake Friedmann - Clrks/Ft Camp USBC
 All Events Hdcp, Boys 99 & Under
 Manning Rentsch - Smoky Mtn USBC




U12 Regional Champions (L to R)

Gavin Murray
Alex Davis
Dylan Murray
Dylan Hubley
1. Week End Rollers - Lawrenceburg, TN
2. The Dream Team - Lawrenceburg, TN
3. The Split Stops Here - Smyrna, TN
4. Spare No One - Athens, TN
5. In It To Win It - Puryear, TN

1. Donna Long / Derek Reynolds - Columbia, TN
2. Peyton Buie / Amanda Joyner - Lawrenceburg, TN
3. Patricia Millwater / Ray Overstreet - Lewisburg, TN
4. Tammy Hall / Tommy Miller - Athens, TN
5. William Davis / Lisa Mays - Columbia, TN

U20B - Dante Bruce
U20B - Taylor Fielder
U20B - Jet Hieronymus
U20B - Gabe Horton
U20B - Chris Letson
U20B - Brian Stinson
U20G - Tayla Graham
U20G - Gracen Patterson
U15G - Becca Rogers
U12M - Maverick McCary
U20B - Josh Meeke
U20G - Erika Sisk
U15B - Jordan Carter
U15G - Elizabeth Coutta
U12M - Dylan Murray